FENCO-NET 1st Call Results

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FENCO-NET’s joint call within CO2 capture, transport and storage


FENCO-NET is a grouping of European organizations having responsibilities relating to the funding of national R&D programs in the field of fossil energy.


The FENCO- NET agreed early 2013 to publish a joint call on CO2 capture, transport and storage. UK, Greece, Poland and Norway committed national funding to the call. The overall budget for the call was ~2 mill Euro.


The call closed 29. May 2013 and 20 project proposals were received. There were 3 applications on preventing unintended migration of CO2 from geological storage sites, 3 applications on CO2 onshore and offshore monitoring techniques, 1 application on transport and 13 applications on new innovative CO2 capture technologies. The total budget of the applications was 14 mill Euro asking for 12.8 mill Euro in funding from FENCO.


The FENCO-NET Funding Organisation Forum had its meeting in Oslo September 3rd, 2013 and decided to fund the following applications:


Budget negotiation will be required with the national funding organisations.

1st Call

4th Meeting
Oslo 21.-22.02.13