FENCO-NET 1st Call Information

The call is now open. The deadline for submission is May 29th 12 am GMT.
For further details please download more detailed information about the call here
FENCO-NET national contact persons are found here.
Online submission is available from the CLIMIT web-site. 



FENCO-NET decided on a joint call within CO2 capture, transport and storage.


FENCO-NET is a grouping of European organizations having responsibilities relating to the funding of national R&D programs in the field of fossil energy.

The FENCO- NET has agreed to publish a joint call on CO2 capture, transport and storage with the following topics:

1. Preventing unintended migration of CO2 from geological storage sites

2. CO2 onshore and offshore monitoring techniques

3. CO2 transport

4. New innovative CO2 capture technologies

UK, Greece, Poland and Norway have committed national funding for the joint call with approximately 300-600 kEuro each. It is expected that about 3-4 projects can be funded over a period of approximately 1.5 to 3 years period. The call will open for other FENCO-NET countries to join the projects at a later stage if national funding are confirmed. Applications to the joint call will require at least two partners from two member countries. The national financial contributions will be assigned to the project partners of that respective country only. Cross-border funding is not envisaged.






1st Call

4th Meeting
Oslo 21.-22.02.13