FENCO-ERA WS8, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


FENCO - ERA Workshop

Public involvement

When science and Reality Meet

19thMay 2010 Amsterdam, The Netherlands



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By all accounts, public engagement is a core issue in the implementation of CCS demonstrations. This was Recognized Early on and some programs nationally committed CCS studies in this field to be prepared when the moment of implementation would arrive. 

Now that the first demonstrations of reasonable scale are starting up, the unfolding of reality shows us that public engagement is indeed a crucial issue. Much more than before, the field is being observed by CCS independent people from outside and by the media. In many cases, these observations are made from a greater distance and with more detachment. Thus these observations concern the real interaction occurring between the different stakeholders - the process. 


Purpose of the workshop.

  • To review studies and investigations in the fields of social awareness, public acceptance, etc. that were carried out in the preceding period
  • To review current real public commitment situations
  • To investigate the linkage of public commitment on efforts different levels: local, national, EU-wide
  • To learn lessons for all by confronting stakeholders theory and practice. 


Who should participate

-People with behavioral and communications from academiae responsibilities, project development and administration. The total number of participants is estimated as 50th Participation is by invitation only. 



Participation in the workshop itself is free of charge but costs of travel and accommodation are for the participants' own expense. 


This workshop is being organized by FENCO ERA-net. FENCO is grateful for the input from the EU Zero Emission Platform event during the Organization of this. 


1st Call

4th Meeting
Oslo 21.-22.02.13