FENCO-ERA WS7 Amsterdam, The Netherlands


FENCO - ERA Workshop

CCS, Learning by doing.

28thOctober 2009, Amsterdam, The Netherlands



Chair:     Jan Brouwer, Director CATO-2 programme (The Netherlands) 



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On October 28th, FENCO ERA-net has organised in Amsterdam this workshop for public officers, their advisors and large scale CCS project managers.    



This workshop seeks to guide the participant through the learning experiences of the front running full scale demo projects in Europe. Large scale demo project managers tell their real stories. 



Many FENCO members are now getting near or have already the first implementation of CCS projects in the form of large scale demonstration projects. Consequently, they are faced with the first real-life problems of the involved companies. At this point, it is likely that frontrunner companies are not only confronted with geological and technical issues inherent in CO2 transport and storage, but also with issues concerning timing, organisation, finance, technique and social integration.  Aspects that come to mind are all of the “unpredictable” nature and will result in lessons of learning by doing, like permitting, availability of drilling equipment, organisation of CO2 availability, financial interdependencies in the CCS chain, economical value of gas residues, reservoir overpressures, corrosions, well integrity, etc. 



It seems timely to illuminate, analyse and discuss these issues. A better understanding of their nature and their interrelationships will facilitate the smooth realisation of the first large CCS  projects in Europe. 



The purpose of the workshop is:



  • To identify, analyse and exchange information of front runner large scale projects, more precisely before and during project development and during implementation in the different countries.
  • To discuss viewpoints concerning the possible consequences of these aspects for coming full scale project organisations and operations.
  • To identify areas for the national countries where a common approach could be beneficial.  



Participation is by invitation only.




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Oslo 21.-22.02.13