FENCO-ERA WS6 Amsterdam, The Netherlands


FENCO - ERA Workshop

On the coherence of Non Technical Aspects of CCS and monitoring.

10thJune 2009, Amsterdam, The Netherlands



Chair: Pieter Jongerius, Ministry of Economic Affairs





Agenda of the Work Shop



Download work shop presentations:


EU Regulations, Mihai Tomescu EC DG ENV

ETS CCS Monitoring and reporting, Sina Wartmann, Ecofys Germany

Monitoring protocol North Sea Basin Taskforce, Lydia Dijkshoorn SenterNovem

Economics, Jacek Podkanski, European Investment Bank

Liability, Daniel Santurio Gonzalez,  Croon Advocaten

Public communication, Eric  Drosin, Zero Emission Platform

Ethics, Behnam Taebi and Andreas Spahn , University Centre for Ethics and Technology

CCS monitoring, Andy Chadwick (British Geological Survey on behalf of the IEA GHG monitoring network)

Final Discussion Panel: Tim Dixon, Eric Drosin, Tore Torp,  Jacek Podkanski




Proceedings of the Workshop




From the advent of geological CO2 storage as a realistic option, monitoring of the transport and the storage has been recognised as a crucial element. A lot of effort has gone into the identification and development of suitable and cost-effective monitoring techniques, depending on the geological setting and – uncertainties for different non technical purposes. 



Many FENCO-ERA members are now getting near the first implementation of CO2 storage in the form of demonstration projects. Consequently, they are faced with their first real-life problems and their coherence with monitoring systems. At this point that they are not only confronting the geological and technical issues inherent in CO2 transport and storage monitoring but also many aspects of a non-technical nature that form the context within which the technical system is deployed. Aspects like policy (storage and transport), legal compliance relating to the Ospar convention (offshore) and the CCS directive, background measurements, liability, economics, emission trading and permits from the national emission authorities, public communication to the local habitants, transferring the storage to the state and ethics. 


This workshop is targeted at public officers, national authorities, technical experts, behaviouralists, future CO2 storage operators from all FENCO-ERA members and the European Commission.  Participation is by invitation only


Understanding of the nature of these aspects and their interrelationships will facilitate the smooth realisation of the first large CO2 storage projects in Europe. The purpose of the workshop is:


  • To identify, analyse and exchange information on the non-technical aspects and their coherence with monitoring of CO2, more precisely during project development and –implementation in the different countries.
  • To discuss viewpoints concerning the possible consequences of these aspects for project (c.q. monitoring system) design and project operations.
  • To identify areas for the CCS-scientific panel of the EC where a common European approach could be beneficial.


1st Call

4th Meeting
Oslo 21.-22.02.13