FENCO-ERA Technical reports



FENCO-ERA Database

A database on national fossil fuel programmes has been developed (WP2) to enable a continuous, structured and systematic exchange of national programme information amongst the partners and adjust national working methods where possible.


FENCO-ERA database is available here.



Assessment report on the different programme and evaluation approaches


Draft strategy and action plan for the involvement and contribution of stakeholders to National and Multinational Programmes


Draft strategy and action plan for the implementation of multi-national programmes on clean fossil energy


Strategy and action plan for the European Fossil Energy Research Area 


Model of co-operation for use in piloting transnational research


Evaluation procedure with common criteria 


Report on the development of a joint monitoring procedure 


Recommendations for a framework for long lasting co-operation adopted by the Executive Committee


Final review of topics for co-operation. 


Memo on a general accepted approach and the developed framework for transnational cooperation 


Monitoring reports concerning the implementation of common calls 


Evaluation of FENCO-ERA first Joint Call for proposals 


The reports about the FENCO-ERA workshops can be downloaded from the respective pages


Information about the projects derived from the FENCO-ERA joint call can be found here




1st Call

4th Meeting
Oslo 21.-22.02.13