FENCO-ERA Objectives

FENCO-ERA is a key component of an overall carbon management strategy. Global energy demand is anticipated to double by about 2030. Satisfying this increased energy demand will pose many challenges. These include concerns about global climate change, security of energy supply, the role of nuclear power and the use of renewable energy. FENCO recognises this evolving energy situation and aims to ensure that the EU fossil fuel technology industry can compete effectively in the marketplace. This will be achieved by the networking of Member States Fossil Energy Programmes to establish, in conjunction with stakeholders, a critical mass Europe-wide initiative that can compete with the USA and Japan.
The overall aim of FENCO-ERA is to network the national R&D activities in the field of fossil energy conversion and CO2 capture and storage in order to construct a durable ERA-Net. Therefore it is intended to

  • Implement and continuously improve a platform for information exchange on fossil fuel R&D activities at national and regional level;
  • Establish a common knowledge base for the development of a European policy towards zero emission power plants;
  • Strengthen the European R&D and demonstration infrastructure on clean fossil power generation through joint programming, management, personnel exchange and targeted integration activities;
  • Support the Lisbon strategy of the European commission process by enhancing the competitiveness of European power plant manufacturers.

The final impact of FENCO-ERA will be to provide the basis and set up a durable network for the development and promotion of zero emission power plants in Europe.
FENCO-ERA is complemented by the HyCo ERA-NET for hydrogen and fuel cells that in the foreseeable future will rely on fossil based technologies. It also has synergies with the Bioenergy ERA-NET.


The contract between the Partners and the European Commission on the FENCO-ERA.NET was signed on 1 June 2005 and is valid for five and a half years.

1st Call

4th Meeting
Oslo 21.-22.02.13