FENCO-ERA Executive Committee

The ExCo is the high-level committee for all countries to interact with the Management Board (MB) in order to ensure commitment (political and concerning content) of all participating countries. The ExCo consists of high-level representatives of participating countries and will meet twice a year. Representatives of the services of the European Commission (EC) will be invited (via the Project Officer) to attend ExCo meetings as observers. Observers may also be invited to attend ExCo meetings. All decisions of the ExCo will be made on a minimum two-thirds majority basis of the formal representatives (each participating country has one vote). The ExCo venue will rotate, especially to the New Member States, and will be chaired by the host (with the Coordinator providing the secretariat). Continuity will be ensured by the Coordinator. The ExCo is seen as extremely important for the political support of the (results of the) project.


The main tasks and responsibilities for the ExCo are:


  • steering the project;
  • providing guidance and advice on strategic aspects of the project;
  • including a strategic decision making process;
  • acting as a platform for the interaction between the consortium members and the MB;
  • discussing and approving main strategic project issues (such as new partners and pilots or joint WPs).

ExCo members

ExCo meetings

1st Call

4th Meeting
Oslo 21.-22.02.13