FENCO-ERA Activities

In accordance with research and industry targets FENCO-ERA will help meet future energy demands and environment targets whilst maintaining security of supply. Europe will thus be able to effectively compete in markets worldwide in the field of clean fossil fuels.


Meeting the challenge of bringing the existing fossil energy supply systems towards a zero emission system is a substantial task that cannot be solved by one party alone. A pan-European level R&D activity is required to give Europe the critical mass strength to compete effectively. Therefore, it is the aim of FENCO-ERA to strengthen European research skills in this area and Europe’s ability to compete in world markets against increasingly fierce international competition through the coordination between national agencies and the enhancement of the cooperation between national R&D programmes.


In this context, FENCO-ERA main activities are:

  • Creation of a comprehensive structure for cooperation;
  • Systematic exchange of information and best practices;
  • Identification of common strategic issues in the national R&D programmes;
  • Planning and promotion of cooperation models;
  • Implementation of joint actions and transnational activities;
  • Setup of an interface to government, research and industry.



FENCO-ERA Management

The general structure of the organization of FENCO-ERA comprises the following:

  • Executive Committee (ExCo) as the ultimate decision-making body of the Consortium for strategic decision making and advice;
  • Management Board (MB) as the intermediary to the Commission is responsible for the daily management of FENCO-ERA;
  • Coordinator (CO) responsible for all organisational and financial matters of FENCO-ERA;
  • Vice-Coordinators (VCO) support the coordinator and take over the coordinator’s organisational duties in case the coordinator is not available. Specifically this relates to technical scientific issues that may arise and not administrative/organisational issues;
  • Work Packages Leaders (WPL) managers of the Work Packages.


FENCO-ERA Management Structure



1st Call

4th Meeting
Oslo 21.-22.02.13